So, you have already got to such a welcome call, the place and time of the date are set, the cries of “Hurray!” Or “Yeehaaw!” fill the room. After unrestrained joy from the fact that you’ve been invited to a date, as a rule, panic begins, which name is “Oh, God! I have nothing to wear! “. First of all, calm down, believe me, the question of what to wear for the first date confuses almost every girl. After all, we all strive to make ourselves look in the best way possible, turning this date into a long and happy relationship. We will now get to know these details.

It is best to start with the fact that you need to understand the purpose of your date. If for you it is to seduce and makeout, then there generally is no slightest restriction, you can put on everything that your heart desires. But if it seems to you that you are standing on the edge of a great love, then you will have to work hard to create your own image.

Let’s start with what you obviously need to exclude. Of course, it will be frankly vulgar and overly sexual things, because your potential boyfriend should lead with you a fascinating conversation, rather than stare at all times at your neckline. Therefore, the first rule of choosing what to wear for the first date with a man is moderation. Even if you have something to boast of, believe me, this is not the time to show it off. People at certainly have a thing or two to boast about, check them out. It is necessary to feel the thin line between “possible” and “not yet worth it” and balancing on it. Judge for yourself, because your man, while calling you, hardly thought about meeting with a girl of easy virtue, and wearing it all, you will look exactly like that. The same applies to net pantyhose / stockings, save them for the future, they certainly will be useful, at home, of course.

How to dress for a first date? Feminine. If it is a dress or a skirt, then their length should be closer to the knee, you can even put maxi on, forcing a man to think about the beauty of your legs. Do not choose too pretentious outfits, since they will be appropriate only in a restaurant or a theater, and in a cafe or park, the evening dress will look, to put it mildly, not in the most advantageous way. Therefore, before choosing a look, take the trouble to find out what your young man plans for the upcoming meeting, and only then give preference to a piece of clothes. From this we can formulate the second rule – relevance.

New unchecked outfits are better to be postponed for another time, since you cannot predict how things will behave during wearing, it’s not unusual for them to start being uncomfortable.

Pay special attention to the compatibility of things, since the chiffon blouse is unlikely to look elegant with the sneakers, but if such a duet cannot be found often, then a sporty jacket with ballets is a universal phenomenon. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor that all things including shoes were selected in a single style, as “fusion” is not clear to everyone. It is also undesirable to dress up in saggy T-shirts or T-shirts with inscriptions such as “Metallica”, “Megadeath” and similar things. The only exception is a planned trip to a rock concert, where you will not stand out from the crowd. In other cases, it’s better to put such things away, preferring more reserved options. You know, no matter how hard we think about what to wear on a date with a man, sociological polls tell us that they prefer to see us the in most common jeans and top / t-shirt / pullover, and that’s really all there is to it.