ED is a common medical condition that affects millions of men around the world. The risks of ED increases with age, with most victims being men aged above fifty years. That, however, doesn’t mean that younger men are free from this condition. To help manage this condition, otherwise known as impotence, a number of pharmaceutical remedies are available in the market. The mechanism of these medicines closely resembles as they work by enabling muscles to relax, allowing free flow of blood which eventually triggers it.

Loosely put, it occurs when a man fails to attain and sustain with his partner. Failing is common, and most men have experienced it at some point in life. The occasional instances don’t qualify or show impotence. They can be caused by the person’s state of mind. It is not only physical but also psychological. However, when such occasions become common, then it might actually be ED.

In many instances, ED is not a stand-alone condition because there are many underlying health conditions that may be causing it. Medical conditions, such as heart failure, hypertension, and diabetes are commonly associated with ED. This can be reversed by treating these conditions. One may also have to quit smoking and alcohol.


There is a lot of stigmatization about ED, the reason why most people would rather suffer in silence than be courageous enough and share their medical challenges with qualified medical practitioners. To help us fight that, we try to encourage men suffering from the condition, or have a history of ED that they overcame to come out and share their experiences and how they manage. Recently, (let us call him Smith) a 60-year-old retired teacher shared his experience. Here is an excerpt of the interview.

Tell us something about yourself and how you ended up using ED medicine.

I am a 60-year-old retired teacher. A father of three and grandfather of five. I lost my wife, the mother of my three kids, about fifteen years ago. We were happily married and we really had a healthy life. I loved sports and tried my best to keep fit. My wife had cancer, and therefore her loss was a big blow to the whole family. Then, our last born daughter was only three years. I was depressed. It didn’t take long before I started adding weight becoming obese.

Because of my kids, I was still young, and therefore needed company. I remarried after two years to my current lovely wife. Even though life was good in the beginning, it didn’t take long before we started having problems; I couldn’t attain it, and sometimes, when I did, I lost it after a few minutes into the game.  So I headed for meds4sure


How did you know that what you were experiencing was ED and what steps did you take?

It was weird at first. My wife encouraged me to focus more on us and stop worrying about other things. However, it persisted and we would stay for weeks before enjoying despite the urge from both of us. We tried watching videos hoping that it would help fix the problem, but that wasn’t helpful too. I started researching about these symptoms that is when I got the shock of my life that I was possibly suffering from ED.

That must have been devastating.

It was. I never had expected that something like that would happen to me. I had all along assumed that only very old men are at risks of impotence. Well, here I was, at 55 years old. It was worse; my wife was only 39 years. The thought of my wife leaving me for another man pierced my heart. That is when I resolved to discuss my predicament with my closest friend.

How did your friend take it?

He listened carefully initially, with a flat face but I could see him grinning. We are so close, so I shared everything. We were having a usual drink at our favourite bar, and we were both a bit tipsy. When I was done with my story, he burst out laughing. He laughed till I almost got annoyed. Then he whispered to me; “relax, you are not alone. I actually had the same problem, but fixed it. That is why my wife is always happy, because her needs are always taken good care of.”

That is interesting. What did you do next?

When we were leaving, he did something that any doctor wouldn’t recommend; he gave me a pair of tablets and asked me to take it an hour before getting home. He then referred me to his doctor for the assessment of my case.

Did they work?

To be honest, it did take my wife with surprise. That night we compensated for the lost days. It was only after pleasing each other that I explained the whole story and how that had happened. She promised to accompany me to the doctor the following day. I remember her thanking me for everything and promising me that I had her by my side, and we were in it together.

What did the doctor advice?

The doctor confirmed my condition, that indeed I had ED. He wanted to prescribe another ED but we both insisted on Levitra Vardenafil. He however warned us that the medicine might cause minor side effects but nothing I couldn’t manage. I was willing to endure side effects after use than live with impotence anyway; nothing was going to stop me from using this magical drug.

Have you ever experienced some side effects?

Yes. At the inception of treatment, I felt dizziness, flushing, headache, and digestive system disturbance. The doctor had warned me beforehand and therefore was expecting these symptoms. I adhered to the dosage instructions to minimize these effects. Other than that, nothing serious.

Would you recommend to other men?

Definitely. Anyone suffering from ED should try. It has worked for me, it can as well work for you. You must however try to manage underlying factors that might have triggered ED in the first place, try to be fit.


There are many ED medicines currently available in a reputable pharmacy near you. ED can be reversed. Talk to your doctor and regain control of your life. These medicines are also available in online pharmacies.