Truth or dare is a game that is seen as being quite silly. When you think of truth or dare questions, you may imagine asking someone something silly or promiscuous, and then daring them to cluck like a chicken or kiss someone. It’s a timeless game played by people of all ages.

However, if you’re trying to improve your mental health or are in group counselling, a game of truth or dare may be good to allow people to bond and be able to express their mental health more. Here are some truth or dare questions that are good for depression.

Truth or Dare Questions for Depression

Truth Questions for Depression

  1. Have you ever found yourself having a depression meal? If so, what was it? Describe the cooking process.
  2. Have you ever overslept because of your depression? Have you ever got yourself in trouble?
  3. Have you ever had insomnia because of your depression? How did you eventually fall asleep?
  4. When it comes to depression, how often does it show up? Do you have it on occasion or almost every day?
  5. Tell us about your thoughts. Are they self-defeating and create a cycle of depression? Do you ever try to think thoughts to improve yourself?
  6. Do you have any idea of any external factors that caused your depression? If so, is there a way you can move past those factors?
  7. Do you ever find yourself depressed because of stress? If so, how did you handle the stress?
  8. Does social media help with your depression, or does it make the problem worse?
  9. Have you ever taken any medication to help with your depression? If so, how was your experience?
  10. What about therapy? Have you tried any therapy that works for you?
  11. Have you ever fallen out of routine? Did you ever get back into it?

Dare Questions for Depression

  1. I dare you to find an exercise you like and stick to it. If you like it, keep trying to improve.
  2. I dare you to build a routine. What tasks need to be done first? The last? Keep building on to this routine and see what happens.
  3. I dare you to try to get a better night’s rest. If you can’t sleep, try using sleep hygiene techniques.
  4. I dare you to be more open about your depression. This allows you to grow. Be more open towards your friends, loved ones and anyone else. Look here for more tips on how to do this, especially with kids.
  5. I dare you to spend less time online and away from the drama.
  6. I dare you to find a new hobby that interests you.
  7. I dare you to seek help and find the medication that can work for you.
  8. I dare you to practice mindfulness. Be more aware of the present and less in the past.
  9. I dare you to think of something that makes you laugh or smile. If your thoughts end up becoming depressing, think of that event.

The Importance of Mental Healthcare

Good mental health is not fun and games. Instead, it’s something that everyone should strive for. With so many people affected by depression, it’s hard for some people to seek the help they need.

Turning depression into a game can help many, but the importance is going to a counselor or a therapist and seeing what they can do for you.

Chances are, you may be able to find a plan to help your depression. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, realize that depression and anxiety are no match for good care and finding people who care about you.