Doesn’t it feel good to have a boyfriend that loves you for who you are in every possible aspect? Oh, it’s such a great feeling.

But what if that man of yours is not exactly happy [or satisfied] by how you look? The result? He ends up asking you to lose weight? Ouch! He didn’t just ask you that, did he?

And, by the way, isn’t that a truth-of-dare kind-of question? I think it is, and regardless of that, it isn’t right for him to ask you to lose weight {unless your gain of weight possess a serious threat to your health}. But he did it anyway, so what should you do next?

That is what we will be discussing today. What should you do when your boyfriend asks you to lose weight? Let’s find that out, shall we?

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Option #1: Stay Confident {Tell Him Off}

Truth be told, some men out there never appreciate their ladies.

Picture this: Your BF was crazily in love with you, and very much attracted to you when you started dating. After a few years of being together, you started adding a few pounds. He took you out for lunch and dinner, you ate some junk food together, he ordered pizzas and sodas when you spent the long days indoors, and even bought you ice cream and chocolate time and again. Now that you have gained some weight, he has the nerve of telling you to lose some.

Don’t you think he needs to be kept in his place? Seriously, whether he is the cause of your weight gain or not, he shouldn’t ask you to watch it, especially if you feel good about yourself.

Men’s Health also acknowledges that it is not cool for your boyfriend to tell you to lose weight.

Let him know you are fine with your weight and tell him it isn’t nice of him to tell you to lose the weight. You don’t appreciate that mean statement he just made. So, stay confident and don’t let him kill your buzz. When your self-esteem is up, and you tell him off confidently, he might think about it and realize that he needs to appreciate as you are.

Option #2: Think About It (Use Tricks to Lose Weight)

Yes, it is rude and mean for your boyfriend to tell you to lose weight. But what if you really have gained a lot and it doesn’t seem healthy for you? Does it mean that you should stick to the ‘I am happy with the way I look, so should you” kind of attitude? Not really.

As the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire. So, if you really need to lose a few pounds, then you should think about it.

Join a weight-loss class, change your diet, and general lifestyle. Maybe you usually eat a lot of junk while at work or you live a very inactive lifestyle.

You wake up, take a shower, have breakfast, get in the car and drive to work, eat almost throughout the day, get back home, cook, throw yourself on the sofa, watch your favorite TV show, jump in the shower again, then go to sleep. There is no any exercise in your daily schedule.

If you are not a fan of joining the gym, you can do some home-based workouts. Buy a fitness machine that can give you an easy time working out in the comfort of your home. Here is where you can find multiple fitness and weight-loss machines.

Option #3: Let Him Go

Now, you should know that this is not always the best option. However, it might be the right choice for both of you. First off, the option of breaking up with him should come if the BF never stops telling you about your weight. You already told him it is mean and it hurts when he tells you that. But he cannot stop telling you about it. So, why don’t you reconsider the relationship and let him be with someone he desires?

Chances are, he is not interested in you anymore, and he is just looking for a way of getting under your skin and forcing you to end the relationship. So, give him what he wants and let him find the ‘lady of his desires.’

Everyone deserves a person that will love them at any weight. Love is in the heart, not in the weight. If lit were in the weight, then it should be increasing as the weight increases. If the love and affection of your man are connected to your physical appearance, you might want to reconsider why you are dating him. Keep in mind that you should always feel comfortable around your man, even if other people are making fun of your weight.

Just like Glamour suggests, you should re-evaluate your relationship if your BF keeps asking you to lose weight.

Option #4: Do What You Want (Set Your Boundaries}

Here is the thing, whether your weight is unhealthy for you or not, you are the one to decide what should be done next. It doesn’t matter if your man is unattracted to you anymore. The thing that matters is what you want for yourself. If looking thick is what makes you confident, stick to it.

If you were having second thoughts and you wanted someone to ‘give you a slight push,’ then consider what the BF is saying. All in all, you make the last call.

Furthermore, be clear about your boundaries to your man. Let him know that your body is your business and he shouldn’t make such comments about it. An attack from a loved one is supposedly the most painful thing you’d experience. So, let them know that you are the boss of your body and not him.

If he truly loves and respects you, he will apologize and assure you that it won’t happen again. If he gets defensive and ignores what you just told him, go for Option #3.

So, has your man told you to lose weight before or recently? How did that make you feel? Above all, which option do you plan to go for? Share your thoughts with us.