Since millions of people of staying homes aways from their works, a lot of people are feeling depressed and excited.

The reasons for this depression might be many. It might be due to fear of losing jobs, fear of loss in business or it might be also due to differences with family members. Since people are spending more time together, there is a high chance of clashes and the exchange of words that leads to problems.

If you are sailing in the same boat and planning to meet a therapist after lockdown, HOLD ON. You need to first self-assess yourself, question yourself, talk yourself, answer yourself before you step out of your house.

Here in this article, I’ll let you know 50 different questions to ask yourself if you are feeling depressed. If none of them didn’t provide you an answer, you are then free to book an appointment for the nearest therapist.

Truth or Dare Questions for Depression

1Self Therapy Questions for Your Mental Health

  1. What leads me to this situation?
  2. Do I have negative minded people around me?
  3. How can I get away from negative people? (If you answer is YES for Question 2)
  4. Do I feel embarrassed for little mistakes?
  5. Is there any change in my diet?
  6. Am I happy with my physic?
  7. Do I feel, I can improve the condition if I hit the gym?
  8. What do I usually think If I’m alone? Is it affecting my health?
  9. What major changes did I notice in my food diet in the last 1 year?
  10. What are the things I can do immediately that make me feel happy?
  11. Should I start exercising daily in the morning?
  12. Do I like my hairline?
  13. If I find someone similar to me, Do I like them? What will be my first impression?
  14. Am I using smartphones excessively?
  15. Am I partying too much and spoiling my own health?

2Self Therapy Questions for Your Relationship

  1. Are we spending more time with each other?
  2. Can I fix the difference if I talk with my partner peacefully?
  3. Am I earning enough to make my partner happy?
  4. Is my partner adjusting a lot even for basic needs?
  5. Am I rejecting my partner’s ideas and discouring him/her?
  6. Am I loving my partner more than myself?
  7. Should I stop over expectations and keep expectations low?
  8. Am I judging?
  9. Is my partner possessive or doubting me?
  10. Should we plan for a child to sort everything?
  11. Will presenting the favorite item of my partner make the situation better?
  12. Are we restricting each other?
  13. Do we care for each other?
  14. Do we really love each other or we just pretending love?
  15. Am I ignoring the positives and focusing more on negatives?

3Self Therapy Questions for Word Life

  1. Am I happy with my work?
  2. Do I love what I’m doing?
  3. Is the salary I’m receiving enough for my needs?
  4. Am I saving for my retirement?
  5. Do I need to stop investing in stocks and start enjoying life?
  6. Is my team leader not valuing my ideas?
  7. Did I smell politics in the office?
  8. Will my job helps me to adopt rapidly changing technologies?
  9. Should I switch the job or the domain I’m working on?
  10. Am I bored of doing repeated works daily?
  11. Should I use a car instead of public transport for the office?
  12. Am I lazy at work?
  13. Should I focus more on self-learning rather on ratings?
  14. What have I achieved from this work in the last 2 years? Did it help me improve in any way?
  15. Should I start working as a freelancer for extra monthly income?
  16. Am I wearing a proper outfit for the office?
  17. Will changing the work desk away from Window helps me focus more on work?
  18.  Is my mobile and social media notifications distracting me while I’m at work?
  19. Do I have a proper work-life balance?
  20. What change can I do to my work life that makes me mentally happy?

I have listed 50 self-therapy for you and categorized them into different situations. You should immediately ask these questions yourself and validate if you really need therapy.

If you know any other self-therapy that can be added to this list, please let me know from the below comments section.