Truth or dare game is the one of the most interesting game for teenagers to pass their time. This game gives them a lot of memorable memories in their school and college days. To have maximum fun while playing the game, everyone should prepare the set of questions before starting the game else you might see a lot of delays and game might turn boring. So here is the interesting list of best truth or dare questions for teenagers of age group 13 to 18 years. These truth or dare questions for teenagers contains the mix of funny, romantic, embarrassing and many more types of questions.

List of 110 Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

list of truth or dare questions for teenagers

We divided our list of truth or dare questions for teenagers into two parts. The part will contain truth questions for teenagers and the other part will contain dare questions for teenagers. So here are the fifty-five best truth questions for teenagers.

55 Best Truth Questions for Teenagers

  1. What is the best thing you like in teenage?
  2. What is that one secret you kept from your parents while you growing up?
  3. Have you ever tried to flirt your teacher for getting more marks?
  4. What is your dirty habit that nobody knows?
  5. Have you ever cried like a baby while watching a movie?
  6. Have you ever faced an embarrassing situation with your dress when you’re in public?
  7. What is your biggest fear while you try with me?
  8. Tell me what is the craziest thing that you’ve ever done in your school days?
  9. Have you ever spend a whole day without the dress?
  10. Have you ever watched those movies without knowing your parents?
  11. Have you ever tried to make with your spouse or in-laws?
  12. If I would give a chance to touch one of my body parts, which part you would choose?
  13. Have you ever felt bad about your body size?
  14. How do you want to look like either chubby or skinny?
  15. Have you ever lied to your mother in law or father in law?
  16. Which body part of your always want to show others?
  17. Would you really forget your previous crush completely?
  18. Have you ever slipped in front of your friends and felt shamed?
  19. What is the first thing you’ll do if you turn as your opposite gender for one day?
  20. Did you have a celebrity heartthrob?
  21. With whom you want to go for a long drive and why?
  22. Explain what are the five major qualities required for your future wife/husband.
  23. How many crushes you have up to now and why do you break up with them?
  24. Have you ever received any love letters? If yes, read them aloud.
  25. Have you ever felt jealous of your brother/sister?
  26. Have you ever felt bad about your family background?
  27. Do you like to sleep in the afternoons?
  28. Have you ever asked your teacher for coffee?
  29. Suppose you are alone in your home for three days, what will you do?
  30. Have you ever wear the same dress for three days without washing?
  31. Would you snore at night?
  32. Does anyone come to your toilet when you taking your shower?
  33. Have you ever make fun of others with your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?
  34. Have you ever fight for your crush?
  35. How do you react if your parents give more importance to your sibling than you?
  36. If your crush ask to choose only either me or your best friend, which one would you choose?
  37. How many times did you get caught by the police officer for breaking traffic rules?
  38. What is the deepest regret you had in your life?
  39. Do you really think that you had a good fashion sense?
  40. What are the five things you always kept with you when you go outside from your home?
  41. Do you really believe in Love At First Sight?
  42. How many secrets do you hide from your crush till now?
  43. Have you ever shared your chewing gum with someone?
  44. Have you ever felt like a patient in front of your class teacher for bunking the class?
  45. Do you really have confidence in your dream job?
  46. How many Gmail account you’ve created up to now?
  47. What makes you happy when you are in a bored situation?
  48. Have you ever tried to change your routine timetable?
  49. Roughly how much amount of money you borrow from your friends up to now?
  50. Have you ever tried for weight loss or weight gain?
  51. Have you ever stolen library book and get caught?
  52. How many times you put slips in the examination and get caught?
  53. What are those things that felt guilty about yourself?
  54. Have you ever use your college computer for personal use?
  55. What are the five things that make you relax when you’re in a sad mood?

Hope you like these truth questions for teenagers in our list of truth or dare questions for teenagers. Let’s check the second half ie. dare questions for teenagers.

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55 Best Dare Questions for Teenagers

  1. Present a surprise gift to your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  2. Act like a beggar and collect at the least 10 dollars?
  3. Wear your favorite shirt over your pants and go for a casual walk on the road?
  4. Make a call to an unknown person and try to fool that person that he has won a car in lottery and also try to convince him to come here for collecting his reward?
  5. Makeup like a girl and wear girl dress that no one could recognize you, now go to your classroom and propose to a girl?
  6. Behave life a deaf and dumb person for one day?
  7. Go to any nearby shopping mall and do flash mob suddenly with your friends.
  8. Act like a monkey and go for Facebook live.
  9. Do head massage to your best friend for 5 minutes.
  10. Touch all your best friend’s toes?
  11. Go to your nearby tree and give a hug it?
  12. Send someone “Ha Tell Me”. Do this for 10 minutes every time they respond.
  13. Wear your pants and shirt inside out and to your college?
  14. Touch everyone’s left hand until 5 minutes.
  15. Peel a banana using toes and feet.
  16. Place ten ice cubes on your head until they melt.
  17. With the help of your toes and without using hands eat a carrot completely.
  18. Pour chocolate syrup on your friends left hand and taste it.
  19. Ask someone to comb your hair.
  20. Fill your mouth with water and say all your best friends names.
  21. Smell all your friend’s socks.
  22. Explain your last embarrassing experience.
  23. Ask anyone to give one item in front of you and you have to explain that item in a animal voice.
  24. Close your eyes for 10 minutes and let everyone draw painting on your body?
  25. Send a text message to your mom that you’re expecting a baby soon.
  26. Imagine there is baby in front of you, act how you will keep that baby to sleep.
  27. Clean your teeth by using soap and wash your hands using your toothpaste.
  28. Select one item in front of you and blindfold your eyes, now describe the advantages of that item.
  29. Using your tongue write your name on the floor.
  30. Talk with an AI detector about your day at work.
  31. Open Facebook and accept all your pending friend requests.
  32. Go outside and propose to the first person you see outside by bending one knee.
  33. Act like a girl and explain how she takes her makeup.
  34. Say alphabets backwards for two times continuously without making any mistakes.
  35. Select anyone from here and do salsa dance and belly dance with them.
  36. Tell jokes until people laughs loudly.
  37. Make a call to a random person and propose to them.
  38. Let someone sit on your lap for 5 minutes.
  39. Say your crush’s name as much loud as you can.
  40. Give flying kiss to the boy/girl coming from the next door.
  41. Do moonwalk with your hands or atleast casual walk with your hands for 30 seconds.
  42. Wear your pant reverse (front back and back front) for 20 minutes.
  43. Send a love letter to the person who hates you the most.
  44. Make a phone call to your best friend and repeat the same words whatever your friend says in that call.
  45. Eat two raw eggs at a time.
  46. Dip all your fingers in hot sauce and lick all your fingers.
  47. Make a conference call to any two of your best friends and talk with them for atleast 3 minutes.
  48. Break one raw egg on your head.
  49. Think you are a mad person escaped from a mental hospital and act like that person.
  50. Lift any two of your friends and spin around for 15 seconds each.
  51. Close your nose with your fingers and start talking for 2 minutes.
  52. Remove any two items from your dress.
  53. Go to your nearby shop and ask random directions.
  54. Allow any one friend make fun of you until you laugh.
  55. Reveal that one person’s name whom you want to stop doing friendship with him/her.
  56. Spend one day without opening Facebook.

Hope you like these dare questions for teenagers in our list of truth or dare questions for teenagers.

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Conclusion about Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

Hope you like our list of truth or dare questions for teenagers of age between 13 and 18 years. If you know any more truth or dare questions for teenagers then please comment them below and we’ll add it to our list of truth or dare questions.