This ultimate list of embarrassing truth or dare questions is very useful when you want to make fun with your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or kids. You will have a great laugh after asking these embarrassing truth or dare questions to your friends.

Let’s start our collection of embarrassing truth or dare questions for the amazing game.

List of 120 Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions

Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions
list of embarrassing truth or dare questions

We divided our list of embarrassing questions into truths and dares. Here is the list of embarrassing truth questions:

60 Best Embarrassing Truth Questions

  1. How many boyfriends/girlfriends you have right now?
  2. Have you ever seen your someone making out?
  3. Tell me that one questions you never wanted to be asked.
  4. At what age you start doing it.
  5. How many times do you cheat your crush?
  6. How often you change your dress?
  7. Which color dress you wear right now?
  8. Have you ever date with two persons at a time without knowing each other?
  9. Which part of your body your partner always wanted to touch?
  10. Have you ever faced an embarrassing moment in any function?
  11. Which favorite movie do you like to watch repeatedly?
  12. How many pairs of clothes do you have?
  13. Which place of your body smells bad?
  14. Do you ever have a crush on the same gender?
  15. How many times did you fail in your final examinations?
  16. How many days you’ll stay without having taking shower?
  17. What is the biggest gift you’ve ever taken from your parents?
  18. Have you ever tasted ear was by mistake?
  19. Have you ever fart on a dining table and blamed by your family members?
  20. Which type of toys do you want to play when you’re alone?
  21. Have you ever caught by your parents while you watching cartoons?
  22. Do you like to byte fingernails?
  23. Have you ever peed in your bed just because of your laziness?
  24. Have you ever tried to taste your own sweat?
  25. Why do you break up with your last crush?
  26. How many times did you eat in a day?
  27. How often do you lie to your parents?
  28. Have you ever felt embarrassing because of your partner’s sweat?
  29. Whom you think is the correct person to chat with you?
  30. What is the most embarrassing post you’ve ever seen in social media?
  31. How often do you watch cartoons?
  32. Have you ever slept without taking shower?
  33. With how many people you have danced up to now?
  34. What is that one thing you always wanted to tell your parents but you couldn’t?
  35. Have you ever picked your nose?
  36. How do you react when you partner fart in front of you?
  37. Have you ever send a love letter to your teacher in any manner?
  38. Have you ever flirted your teacher for getting more marks?
  39. How many days will you stay without taking your shower?
  40. Are you a bathroom singer?
  41. What is the worst thing you always do while you take your shower?
  42. What is the biggest lie that you ever told to your parents?
  43. Do you cheat when you play games with your friends?
  44. How much time do you take to complete your makeup?
  45. What is that one thing you always wants to change in yourself but you couldn’t?
  46. Do you ever have a secret crush on your best friends sister/brother?
  47. When do you start touching your body?
  48. Do you really mean it when you say “I Love You” to your crush?
  49. If you didn’t get your dream job in future, what you do?
  50. What is the weirdest habit you have?
  51. What type of websites do you wish to open when you’re in free time?
  52. Have you ever felt bad about your parent’s background?
  53. What is the perfect meaning of life?
  54. How do you feel when you’re the only boy/girl on a bus?
  55. Have you ever tried to dance in moving train/bus?
  56. Which animal is perfectly suited you based on your personality and behavior?
  57. Have you ever felt bad about your life?
  58. What is the size of your shoe?

Hope you like these embarrassing truth questions in our list of embarrassing truth or dare questions. Let’s check the second half ie. embarrassing dare questions for everyone.

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45 Best Embarrassing Dare Questions

  1. Ask someone to show money from their wallet.
  2. Eat any food without using your hands.
  3. Drink water like a bird.
  4. Make a call to your partner and say “I Hate You”
  5. Take some powder in your hand and slap your partner.
  6. Cry loudly when you’re in a public place.
  7. Kiss your partner.
  8. Close your face with a cloth and bark like a dog for 2 minutes.
  9. Dance like a baby.
  10. Post any embarrassing post on your Facebook timeline and tag your best friend.
  11. Pluck a flower in the park and give it to the guard and say “I Love You”.
  12. Talk to a complete stranger.
  13. Open your mouth wide when you enter your classroom.
  14. Pour sauce on the floor and clean it.
  15. Wear your partners dress for 20 minutes.
  16. Eat any 5 uncooked vegetables in the fridge.
  17. Cry and walk like a baby.
  18. Touch your partner’s toes.
  19. Clean the floor mat.
  20. Open a wrapper of candy with your legs.
  21. Make a phone call to your grandparents and start the conversation with your parents.
  22. Wear wet dress for 5 minutes.
  23. Act like a frog and jump 10 times.
  24. Select any one person and repeat the same words what they say.
  25. Act like a devil.
  26. Show all your moles to your crush.
  27. Hold your nose and explain your last movie experience.
  28. Smell your friend’s hands.
  29. Hug your boss.
  30. Go outside and hug a tree.
  31. Open your Facebook and give likes to the posts on your timeline for 2 minutes.
  32. Do salsa dance for DJ music.
  33. Do snake dance on the floor for 3 minutes.
  34. Talk to yourself on road for 5 minutes.
  35. Eat your lunch without using hands.
  36. Apply sauce on the wall and clean it.
  37. Eat one spoonful of hot/chili sauce without drinking water.
  38. Tape your mouth using plaster.
  39. Read whatever the last message you’ve sent to your crush loudly.
  40. Select any two embarrassing pictures of your’s and post them on Facebook.
  41. Apply makeup blindfolded and place that picture on your Facebook and WhatsApp display picture.
  42. Make a call to anyone random number blindfolded and tell them a secret.
  43. Apply egg yolk on your hands and eat it.
  44. Put your mobile phone in your socks for 2 minutes.
  45. Clean your teeth using coal or salt.

Hope you like these embarrassing dare questions in our list of truth or dare questions embarrassing.

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Conclusion about Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions

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