Truth or Dare game itself is a retro funny game that gives you a lot of memorable lovely moments for life. But have you ever thought of making the game, even more, funnier by asking funny truth or dare questions? If you are on the same boat, you are sailing in the right direction.

Today in this post, I have listed 50 funny truth questions and another 50 funny dare questions for you. Make use of this 100 funny truth or dare questions to have a good laugh with your friends when you play truth or dare game with them.

List of 100 Funny Truth or Dare Questions

list of funny truth or dare questions

We divided our list of funny questions into truths and dares. Let’s check funny truth questions first:

50 Best Funny Truth Questions

  1. Do you have a crush on your neighbor’s daughter/son?
  2. Have you ever fall in love with someone you saw in the temple?
  3. Have you ever tried to get first in your final examinations?
  4. Do you have a crush on someone?
  5. With whom you’re more comfortable in your family.
  6. Have you ever fell down from your bicycle/bike?
  7. When do you get angry with your parents?
  8. Which childhood program you still watch on TV?
  9. Which teacher/professor you don’t like in your school or college and why?
  10. Rate your dancing/singing skills out of 100.
  11. Which food item would you like to eat most and why?
  12. Have you ever waited for someone and get hurt?
  13. How many times have you copied from your friend during exams and get caught?
  14. Have you ever caught by your teacher when you sleep in the classroom?
  15. How many times do you forget to brush your teeth and you kiss your crush without knowing him/her?
  16. Do you know how to cook?
  17. What is the weirdest punishment you’ve ever taken in your school/college?
  18. If you won a lottery of worth $1 Million dollars, what will you do with that money?
  19. Have you ever stolen money from your father’s wallet?
  20. Which subject do you like/hate most?
  21. What will you do if your favorite actor/actress comes to your college/school?
  22. Have you ever fall down from your bed while you’re in a dream with your crush?
  23. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your childhood?
  24. Which person in your life is the biggest enemy and why?
  25. If you’re invisible for a day in your crush home, what will you do?
  26. How many lies do you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend up to now?
  27. Have you ever caught when you lie?
  28. What is the first physical feature you observe when you saw an unknown boy/girl?
  29. What was the most painful moment in your life?
  30. Have you ever try to lick your nose using your tongue?
  31. What is the craziest dream you had about your crush?
  32. What is that one thing you felt guilty of yourself?
  33. Tell me any one of your best friends love story?
  34. How often you sleep in the daytime and get daydreams?
  35. What is the worst sin you’ve ever done in your life?
  36. At what age you started to impress others?
  37. Have you ever got bad dreams and make you awake the entire night?
  38. Would you really forget your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend?
  39. What do you do when a romantic scene airs while watching a movie with your parents?
  40. Do you want to fight with someone now?
  41. Do you really bother about your future?
  42. If you had a chance to go out on a date with your in-laws or spouse which place would you choose?
  43. What price do you give yourself if someone wants to buy you?
  44. Have you ever tried to gain/loss your weight?
  45. What nickname you usually used to call your crush?
  46. What is that one thing you do, if you were the opposite sex/gender?
  47. How many times did you slip while playing skipping game?
  48. What type of women’s dress would you like to wear for one day (for boys)?
  49. What are the most irritating and disgusting habits you have?
  50. Did you ever try to slap yourself?

Hope you like these funny truth questions in our list of truth or dare questions funny. Let’s check the second half ie. funny dare questions for everyone.

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50 Best Funny Dare Questions

  1. Eat a spoonful of tomato sauce.
  2. Place five ice cubes on your head until it melts?
  3. Slap the person coming from the door and run away from him/her.
  4. Dress up like a boy/girl and propose to the first person you saw on the road?
  5. Drink one full water bottle without touching it and without lifting it down.
  6. Stand on your heads for 10 seconds without using your hands.
  7. Go to the kitchen and cook some food for us. If it does not taste good you have to eat that food completely.
  8. Explain your favorite movie story.
  9. Make a call to your crush and say “I’ll leave you as soon as possible”.
  10. Say a long length dialogue from your favorite movie.
  11. Steal money from your father’s wallet and buy food for us.
  12. Kiss your elbow for 30 seconds and smell it.
  13. Dance like Michael Jackson for a slow song.
  14. Call your principal and sing any romantic song.
  15. Ask your mother about money for buying wine.
  16. Take out all your money from your wallet and donate it.
  17. Eat 10 burgers in a day.
  18. Lit crackers (prefer rocket) with your hands.
  19. Buy snacks to all your friends.
  20. Make a phone call to your teacher and ask him/her for a date.
  21. Complete all your friend’s homework.
  22. Sing a national anthem.
  23. Eat a mouthful of sugar.
  24. Say alphabets backward 2 times continuously.
  25. Imitate your grandparents.
  26. Act like a monkey and eat a banana without peeling.
  27. Link and drink one full water bottle like a dog.
  28. Apply egg yolk on your best friend left hand and lick it.
  29. Pour some milk on the floor and lick it.
  30. Do act like a dead body for 10 minutes.
  31. Put earbuds in your nose and place that picture as your WhatsApp display picture.
  32. Pour tomato sauce over your head.
  33. Lift any one of your friends and spin around for 30 seconds.’
  34. Select any one item in front of you and give a speech about that item for 3 minutes without stopping.
  35. Make a call to your crush mother and tell her that you want to kiss her daughter.
  36. Go to your neighbor’s house and ask for some toilet paper.
  37. Do an item/pub dance.
  38. Imitate your favorite comedian and make us laugh.
  39. Go outside and give a flying kiss to the first person you saw there.
  40. Clean the floor with your shirt.
  41. Clean your lips using toilet paper.
  42. Make a call to your best friend and seduce him/her.
  43. Make a prank call to your best friend’s crush and tell him/her that your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to leave you soon.
  44. Do belly dance for your best friend favorite song.
  45. Unlock your mobile and give it to me for 15 minutes.
  46. Stand in front of the mirror and sing “Happy Birthday Song” along with your name.
  47. Sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” song, I’ll record you while singing and you have to post it on your Facebook timeline.
  48. Eat a small packet of dry noodles.
  49. Put your hand in the dustbin and smell it.
  50. Comb your best friend’s hair and give him/her a new hairstyle.

Hope you like these funny dare questions in our list of funny truth or dare questions.

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Conclusion about Truth or Dare Questions Funny

Hope you like our amazing collection of best funny truth or dare questions. Try these questions with your friends to have a memorable laugh and also let me know if you know any other funny truth questions or funny dare questions.