Truth or dare game is an evergreen game which can be played with any set of age groups. But many of the people really don’t know about its history and how to play truth or dare game. So, today we’ll let you know complete details about the game including truth or dare game rules, FAQ’s, tips and lots more.

This game is popular for its simplicity and creativeness. Truth or dare can be played with 2 or most people. Fun reaches maximum if you’re playing the game with 8 or 10 people. This game can also be played by two couples to know each other quickly. Before you start playing, know the truth or dare rules and how to play truth or dare game like a pro.

Everything You Need to Know About Truth or Dare Game

Though truth or dare game sounds simple and childish, one should have guts to play the game seriously. Do you know about the concept, history, truth or dare rules, types of dares and questions etc in this truth or dare game? You should continue reading to know in-depth details of this interesting game and by the end of the article, you will understand how to play truth or dare game.

Concept of Truth or Dare Game

People used to play this game mainly for fun but few take it seriously for knowing truths of a person or to take revenge on them (because they don’t know the exact truth or dare rules and how to play truth or dare game correctly).

The concept of truth or dare game is very simple, one person from the group is selected randomly and they need to choose either truth or dare. Depending on their choice, anyone from the group can ask a question or give a dare.

Truth or Dare Game History

Let’s see about the history of truth or dare. There is no exact date and information of the person who created this game. According to Wikipedia, truth and dare game is into existence from over centuries. During 1712, it is referred as “Questions and Commands”. With the time flying and humans evolving, it got the new name as we call today “Truth or Dare”.

A Christmas game, in which the commander bids his subjects to answer a question which is asked. If the subject refuses, or fails to satisfy the commander, he must pay a forfeit [follow a command] or have his face smutted.

How to Play Truth or Dare Game

As said in the beginning, most of the people don’t know how to play truth or dare game and we’re to help you if you are one of them. Playing truth are dare game is very simple if you understand how to play it. But you need to follow few steps before starting the game. Read and follow the steps below to understand how to play truth or dare game.

know about how to play truth or dare game
Complete details about how to play truth or dare game

1. Choose friends

The most important thing in the truth or dare game is picking the friends to play the game. As said earlier, one should have a lot of guts to play this game as a lot of personal and embarrassing things could happen during the play.

Decide whether you have to play the game with multiple people as a group or you need only one person who is very close to you. Maybe your partner or family person or crush.

If you are playing as a group with more than 3 people then choose friends who are close to each other and everyone should at least know basic details about each other.

Don’t play this game with random or unknown people. You can not enjoy the game with unknown people. Try to include both girls and boys in the group to spice up the things.

2. Make sure everyone is comfortable playing the game

This game might go to any level. You have to make sure everyone in the group is ready to face and accept any kind of questions. We can not control the questions coming from other people, some questions might be embarrassing, funny, dirty, flirty or even sexual. So all players must be able to take embarrassment and continue playing.

Everyone should understand that the game is just for fun and should not take truth questions and dares personally. If you’re sure everyone is broad-minded and able to digest the fact about the types of questions they might face, proceed to next step.

3. Spend some time preparing truths and dares

How do you play truth or dare game without preparing your own questions? Will you keep thinking when it is your turn? Truth or dare game should be quick without any delays. So, everyone should spend 10-15 minutes to prepare their own list of truths and dares questions. This will save time when it is your turn to ask a question or dare.

Prepare few truth and are questions before starting the game
Prepare your own truth and dare questions

Take help from other participants while making your own list of truth or dare questions. They might have different ideas that you can share each other. Make sure your truth and dare questions are interesting and funny. Your questions should make the opponent feel embarrassed.

4. Truth or Dare Game Rules

No game will be interesting without any set of rules. To understand how to play truth or dare game and make the game interesting, you should know basic truth or dare rules and define your own strict rules that everyone should follow while playing the game.

Understand the rules of truth and dare game

General truth or dare rules: 

  • You can not change a dare to the truth once selected and vice versa.
  • Do not lie when you choose the truth.
  • No matter how embarrassing the dare was, you have to play it.
  • Decide whether dirty truths and dirty dares are allowed in the game.
  • Can participant involve the people who are not into the game while saying a dare?
  • How to choose the participant? In an order or spinning a bottle?
  • Decide the maximum time to complete the dare or truth.
  • How to deal if a participant intentionally lied to a truth question?
  • If someone decided to step out of the game to skip a dare/truth, they should be punished harmlessly. Like paying a fine of $5 or touching everyone’s feet before leaving.

5. Start the game

Once you are done with all above things and completely understood how to play truth or dare game then you can start playing the game as follows:

Spin the bottle and pick the participant where it stops
Spin the bottle to pick the participant
  1. Make sure everyone is sitting at one place in a circle or on a table.
  2. Choose a participant either by spinning a bottle or picking the first one in the group.
  3. The selected participant should say either truth or dare.
  4. Anyone from the remaining group can give a truth or a dare depending on the participant choice.
  5. Once the participant completes their truth or dares, repeat from Step 2.


  • Participant 1 is selected as per rules defined 
  • Participant 1: Truth
  • Group Member: When was the last time you skipped your bath?
  • Participant 1: **thinks for a while** Last Monday when I’m late to office.
  • Group Members: Laughs.
  • Another participant is selected as per rules defined
  • Participant 2: Dare
  • Group Member: Propose anyone in the group from opposite gender in the cartoon voice.
  • Participant 2: **In cartoon voice** Hey Ria, I’m in love with you from the last couple of months. Will you marry me?
  • Ria: **In Hulk voice** Yes.
  • Group Members: Confused, Total silence.

Types of Truth and Dare Questions you should try

I hope you understood how to play truth or dare game and the rules of truth or dare game by now. But wait, to make the game interesting and embarrassing AF, you should have an idea about the types of truth or dare questions. Here are most commonly used truth or dare questions you will find interesting and funny.

Strict warning while you play truth or dare game

Remember, you are just playing a game and not competing for Oscar award. You should play it as a game for fun. Don’t take it for granted to know about personal things.

Remember these points when you play truth or game anytime:

  • Don’t play the game just to find out the personal things of others.
  • Never hurt others with your questions or dares.
  • Don’t ask the participant to perform harmful or dangerous dares.
  • You should not ask anyone to do illegal or blackmailing related dares.
  • Don’t force someone to answer your truth. Sometimes truth questions may be too personal and participant might feel uncomfortable answering them. Understand the situation and let it go. You are not doing a war to win for your country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about truth or dare game.

Question: Is it allowed to undo a dare with truth?

Answer: It depends on the rules defined. However, you can request the group members to undo it.

Question: How many members are required to play truth or dare game?

Answer: You can play with a minimum of 2. Our suggestion is to play with 5-7 people for more fun.

Question: What were the minimum and maximum age required to play the game?

Answer: Actually there is are no age limits. As long as people of matured enough to play the game. You are good to go. But questions will differ a lot depending on the age of participants.

Question: Can I ask to tell a truth as the dare?

Answer: It makes no sense. You are clearly violating game rules.

Question: Do I really need to tell the truth?

Answer: Of course YES. But if you feel the question is too personal and hurt people you love. Then you may lie to the question.

Question: Is repeating the questions allowed?

Answer: Big NO. This makes the game boring. Try to ask your own truth or dare questions and create fun.

Question: What if bottle spins to same person many times?

Answer: We can not do much about it. It may be their luck or bad luck, you should accept what bottle says. If your group feel it is not interesting, you can play one after another. Don’t forget to kick the bottle away ;).

Question: How to play truth or dare over text?

Answer: Nice question. It is not possible to play face to face every time. Sometimes you need to play truth or dare game with your crush or friends over messaging. If you want to play with crush or boyfriend or girlfriend, then you can simply send the truth and dares using any chat applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Question: How to play truth or dare online?

Answer: There are many tools to play truth or dare game online Among them you should consider trying this tool.

If you are a group of people and thinking about how to play truth or dare game over text? Don’t worry. Just create a group in WhatsApp and add all participants to it. You can exchange the truths and dates over that group.

Over to you

That’s all for today. I hope you guys understand how to play truth or dare game correctly and also got a clear idea about truth or dare rules. If you have any questions and suggestions for us regarding truth or dare, do let us know in the comment section below.