Facebook brought a real revolution to the sphere of dating. Online dating (in particular, Russian dating that united millions of lonely hearts) has become so popular that there was probably no person who wouldn’t use it.

As for the methods of such acquaintance, it is the same for all dating apps. Having mastered the method of dating in one of the dating apps, you will not have difficulty finding a couple.

But it is worth bearing in mind some features of dating on Facebook Dating app because everyone wants it to be successful.

Facebook Dating App

Back in May, Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of an online dating service based on Facebook. The social network team conducted a study, during which it became clear that every third American family met online – that is why Facebook decided to expand its capabilities.

The release date for the app is still not set, but it is known that Facebook employees are already actively testing the feature dating service. According to the social network team, the app will be aimed at finding a serious relationship: the function will not become intrusive and will be available only to those who download it.

Also, Facebook will collect information about the interests of account owners, respectively; on the platform, there will be more chances to meet a person with similar hobbies and interests. Moreover, in addition to the female and male gender, Facebook will also present other genders: transgender-female, transgender-male, and gender-religious.

How will it work?

To begin, you must confirm your location, including geolocation, and fill out the profile. It should be understood that the dating profile is not part of “big Facebook.” This is a separate environment where you can show your true self (or try on a new role).

Optionally, you can add a biography, sexual orientation, information about education, work, religion, physical data, and the presence of children. You can upload up to 12 photos (pictures from albums are uploaded to Facebook or Instagram) and answer personal questions, which will be no more than 20.

That’s all! Just wait for the algorithm to give a portion of suitable candidates.

Configuring privacy and search settings

Many who don’t dare to make a profile on a dating site are afraid that suddenly some of their friends and acquaintances will find out about it.

But in Facebook Dating users can stay calm. When you activate a profile, you can mark whether you want your friends and friends of friends to see it in the service or not. In turn, you can see the profiles of only those friends who also don’t mind showing it to everyone.

When you have dealt with privacy, you can filter candidates by distance (maximum search radius is 100 km), by the presence (or absence) of children, religion, height, and age.

When all characteristics are taken into account, a smart algorithm is taken for searching among thousands of users.

No swipes

The search for suitable users is arranged in the same way as in other applications. On the main page, you can see a large photo of the selected person, name, age, and number of mutual friends.

If you click on the photo, you can see other pictures, answers to questions, like “What would your perfect day look like?” “3 facts about you?” “What songs do you like?” and so on.

If you don’t like a person in a photo – press the button “Uninteresting.” If you like, click on the photo and write a message. However, this user will be able to read it only if he/she shows a mutual interest in you.

By the way, you can be “Interested” in profiles no more than a hundred times a day.

A specific algorithm of matching

Selection of a suitable match will be more accurate if you open access to your interests, groups, events, and other parameters to the service. Facebook remembers a lot about you – more than other apps.

It knows what place you were on that day 5 years ago, what films and music you like, what events you went to, where you worked, where you went on vacation. All these data should be considered. But, of course, everything can happen, and your ex can get in the list of potential matches. But those users that you once blocked on Facebook would never get in the list.

Search for people by interests

If you scroll through the dating page, you will see the “Events” and “Groups” sections. All future events from Facebook that you plan to go to will be included in them. In these tabs, you will see lists of people who are also going to attend this event. For this option to work, you need to provide access to your events and groups.

No vulgar photos or banal “Hello”

Messages don’t come in Facebook Messenger, but in a special Facebook Dating chat, where there are no “read” reports, and all texts are analyzed by the neural network.

Everything will be polite. You can only send text and emoji – photos are forbidden, so as not to provoke sexting with pictures.

You also can’t give links to other sites and social networks. As they say on Facebook, all this is being done in order to develop “conscious relationships” and not to give free rein to seducers.

How to start dating right now?

Until Facebook Dating app is launched, you can start dating using the site itself. And here only two main rules for this:

Have a detailed profile:

A Facebook profile is a detailed personal blog, on which many girls and guys post photos, links to videos and other things for entertainment. Therefore, Facebook gives you a chance to learn more about a person you like before you get acquainted, which means there will be more opportunities.

You will have a large number of photos, events and personal opinions of a person. Also, for a successful acquaintance on Facebook, your page should be filled with chronicles of events. It will take time, but for the sake of successful dating, it will be necessary to spend it.

Use Facebook tools for dating

This can be a message, a post on the wall and a wink. But keep in mind that a “wink” implies sexual overtones, and therefore, as a dating, you can just wink at a person you like.

It is very convenient and can check a person for interest in you. A potential soulmate can also wink, which is literally: “I liked you”. It is necessary to say that such a wink doesn’t always give a positive result.

It is better to show your originality, start a conversation, and wink just after the start of your acquaintance when you decide that it is time to go on a date. In such a context, the romantic-sexual hint through a wink will be more than appropriate.