Are you looking for some really cool best truth or dare questions for guys? Congratulations, you landed at the right place. Here you will get both truth questions for guys and dare questions for guys. Our list of truth or dare questions for guys which can definitely make the game interesting. You can ask these questions to your boyfriend, crush, partner or even for best friends. Let’s start the show.

List of best truth or dare questions for guys
Collection of best truth or dare questions for guys

Note: Please read the rules of truth or dare game upfront so you won’t confuse in the middle of the game while trying our truth and dare questions for guys.

Collection of Truth or Dare Questions for Guys

Our collection of truth or dare questions for guys are divided into a set of categories for easy picking of either truth and dare questions. Pick any question you are looking interested easily by using our categories. To be clear, we first differentiated the truth questions and dare questions for guys and then again filtered them into sub-categories. Example embarrassing, funny, dirty, good, flirty, romantic and over text questions for girls.

To be in detail, we initially categorized our collection into the truth or dare questions for guys into truth questions about guys and then to dare questions for guys. Again we subdivided these two categories into funny, embarrassing, good, dirty, flirty, over text and romantic truth/dare questions for guys.

Truth Questions for Guys

Fasten your seatbelts to check our collection of best truth questions for guys. Today in this collection, you can witness different types of hard truth questions about guys in every mood. Try these questions on guys and change the boring environment to a funny one.

collection of truth questions for guys
List of best truth questions for guys
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Funny Truth Questions for Guys

In general, only a few girls are capable of generating fun with their words or behavior. Consider yourself lucky if your girl is fun a generating human. If you are one among those girls, who cannot create fun easily with your boyfriend or crush or husband or partner and playing truth or dare game with him, then you are locked unless you try our funny truth questions or dare for guys. Yes, just ask your boy below provided questions and see how your partner enjoy them.

  1. If you were locked in a closed room with a high-speed internet and a mobile, which site you would access?
  2. Do you ever catch by police for eve-teasing a girl?
  3. What is the worst thing about being a boy?
  4. What are the 2 main things you wish you know about girls?
  5. What is the stupid thing on which you spent most of your money?
  6. What is the funniest thing happens to you in a crowded shopping mall?
  7. Have you ever lied on your resume just because you need the job?
  8. Have you ever forgot your own birthday?
  9. What is the funniest website you have ever visited?
  10. Have you ever chatted with an unknown girl on Facebook?

Good Truth Questions for Guys

Girls know how to behave well in most of the conditions and I don’t understand why you need these good truth questions for guys. Anyways there might be few innocent girls who really need these good questions. Enjoy!

  1. What is your height?
  2. What is the size of your pant?
  3. What are those three things that you always need when you leave your home?
  4. What are the three things that you find always in your wallet?
  5. Which one do you prefer? Movies, Music or TV shows?
  6. What things do you like in a girl?
  7. What is the pet name you have given to your girlfriend?
  8. What are the four things you notice in a girl at first glance?
  9. What makes you feel a girl attractive?
  10. What does your girlfriend think about your marriage?

Romantic Truth Questions for Guys

Can not turn your boy high? Want to see him blushing? Deal. Just try our romantic truth questions for guys and notice how quickly the environment will turn romantic. Have a happy game while asking our truth and dare questions for guys.

  1. Imagine you are invisible for one hour, where would you go and what would you do with me?
  2. What’s your real feeling about me?
  3. What is the craziest thing we did together?
  4. What is your favorite location spot you would like to go with me?
  5. Who is that girl you find more attractive than me?
  6. What is that one thing your girlfriend should have?
  7. What are the mistakes you always make while talking with a girl?
  8. How many different languages can you speak with me and what are they?
  9. Do you still love your first girlfriend?
  10. Why do you still talk with me even when you are angry on me?

Flirty Truth Questions for Guys

Come on girls, just smile at your boy and he is gone forever 😀 However, if you really need these flirty truth questions for guys, here you go. Don’t flurt more with guys, they might find it difficult to sleep imagining you.

  1. Will you accept a friend request from an unknown girl on Facebook right now? If yes, I’ll send the request right now.
  2. Say two things about me that you don’t like.
  3. How many breakups do you had till now and are you looking to start a new relationship?
  4. What are the 5 common qualities in your future wife and I had?
  5. How do you react if your ex-girlfriend introduces her new boyfriend?
  6. How do you feel when I say I like talking to you every day?
  7. When will you take me on the first date?
  8. What is your favorite food, So I can learn it to cook for you?
  9. Don’t you think you should try acting in Hollywood?
  10. Do you like short and skinny girls? Because I’m short and skinny too.

Embarrassing Truth Questions for Guys

This set of embarrassing truth questions for guys is to generate maximum fun from answers. Girls, ask these truth and dare questions for guys and see how your boy will get embarrassed for a lifetime.

  1. Do you ever feel cheating on your girlfriend? Why?
  2. What is that embarrassing movie you can watch in a loop?
  3. What do you hate in your girlfriend?
  4. Do you feel it easy to stay happy with your girlfriend?
  5. What is the thing you are most afraid of and why?
  6. Do you feel jealous when you see your best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend?
  7. Have you ever been rejected by someone? What is the reason?
  8. What are the things that you are hiding from your parents?
  9. What is the worst thing according to you being a boy?
  10. What is the most embarrassing text message you have sent to your crush?

Dirty Truth Questions for Guys

If you are a girl and planning to try dirty truth questions for guys, then I might feel jealous for him. Jokes apart, here are some best truth or dare questions for guys dirty which will surely turn him on.

  1. What is your favorite adult movie and how many time you watched it?
  2. Did you ever talk naughty to your girlfriend?
  3. What makes you horny in a girl?
  4. If you had to make out with a girl right now, whom would you pick?
  5. What is the dirtiest rumor you have ever created about your ex-girlfriend?
  6. What is the most inappropriate text you have sent to your parents accidentally?
  7. Do you ever have a tattoo at a place no one knows and regrets it later?
  8. What is the weirdest place you masturbated?
  9. How long can you stay while making out?
  10. Who is the girl you feel hottest at your office?

Truth Questions for Guys Over Text

Truth questions for guys over text come handy if you are playing the truth or dare game online using mobiles apps or web browsers. You can simply copy any of the below truth or dare questions for guys and send them to your boy.

  1. What is your funny online experience?
  2. Have you ever wear dress inside-out when you go for functions?
  3. Have you ever eat raw eggs.
  4. How many times you’ve ever masturbated within a day?
  5. Have you ever been blocked by someone on Facebook?
  6. What is the last dirty video you watched on YouTube and completely regret it?
  7. What’s the funniest way a girl has asked you out?
  8. What would you do to me If I’m with you right now?
  9. Do you ever forgot to wear zip of your pants and went to public places?
  10. Have you ever exit the store without paying the bill?

Best Dare Questions for Guys

Hope you find our truth or dare questions for guys interesting so far. Let’s check our second half of the collection ie., best dare questions for guys every girl should try on her crush or boyfriend or husband.

List of best dare questions for guys
Collection of dare questions for guys

Funny Dare Questions for Guys

Guys really love making fun. All they need a partner in crime and now it’s is your time for his partner. Just ask him below funny truth or dare questions for guys and see how you both will start enjoying.

  1. Do dance like an alcoholic person in the middle of the road for your favorite song.
  2. Sell your own clothes on the road and buy a new pair with earned money.
  3. Drink a full bottle of water without taking the breath.
  4. Sing your national anthem loudly in the middle of the road.
  5. Book a taxi and ask him which location is perfect to talk with you.
  6. Put your face in the cold water for 20 seconds.
  7. Eat five neem leaves and explain your current feeling in three different languages.
  8. Imagine that this is your worst day, express your emotions.
  9. Take a small amount of food from all of your friend’s plates, mix them and eat.
  10. Go and hug your nearby tree for 2 minutes and describe your feelings with the same tree.

Good Dare Questions for Guys

This set of good dare questions for guys are helpful if you want to play the game without emotions. Dare your boy with these questions and he’ll be happy as normal.

  1. Lift anyone from here and spin around for 30 seconds.
  2. Style your hair only with hands.
  3. Do a belly dance on the road.
  4. Run like your pet for 2 minutes.
  5. Do 50 pushups without stopping
  6. Send a message to one of your teacher about your day.
  7. Exchange your shirt by wearing someone’s shirt on road.
  8. Drink any cool drink without touching it and without putting down once lifted.
  9. Do a handstand for 60 seconds.
  10. Make one prank call to anyone and talk to them for at least 5 minutes.

Romantic Dare Questions for Guys

If you are a girl and playing truth or dare game with your boyfriend or partner, then these romantic dare questions for guys which are benefited for both of you as two persons needed for romance, hope you understood what I’m talking about 😉

  1. Send a text message to your parents that “You are in love.”
  2. Go to your crush’s home and press the ringing bell at least five times.
  3. Give me a French kiss for one minute.
  4. Lift me like piggyback and go for a walk in the main street.
  5. Let’s exchange our clothes and stay for 5 minutes.
  6. Roll a die and kiss me on lips according to the drawn number.
  7. Call my mom and talk as you are talking with me.
  8. Stay topless for next 15 minutes.
  9. Send a romantic message to me explaining our first date.
  10. Pick me up and walk in the park for 5 minutes.
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Flirty Dare Questions for Guys

This set of flirty dare questions for guys is useful for girls who need to flirt with their crush to hint their feelings. These truth or dare questions for guys will also work on boyfriend or partner.

  1. Say I Love You to your crush if you had one.
  2. Sing a romantic song by using your crush’s name and share it with all your friends.
  3. Ask your crush to propose you in front of their parents.
  4. Ask your parents for buying a gift to your crush.
  5. Gift a makeup kit to a girl you like the most.
  6. Sit in ladies seat and travel for 1 hour.
  7. Show your browsing history to your crush
  8. Call your crush and propose her.
  9. Go to shopping mall and rob any female dress.
  10. Behave and talk like a girl for one day.

Embarrassing Dare Questions for Guys

Want to make your boy embarrassing? Then you should immediately try these embarrassing dare questions for guys and have a good laugh by seeing your boy’s embarrassing face.

  1. Tell everything you have done with your first crush to your girlfriend.
  2. Select one person and do massage for 10 minutes.
  3. Pinch yourself for 30 seconds.
  4. Remove your socks and ask someone to wear them.
  5. Touch any one of your friend’s forehead by using your tongue.
  6. Ask your neighbor’s to get inners for you.
  7. Clean the toilet with your toothbrush and paste.
  8. Have a shower with clothes on.
  9. Wash your body by using dish wash soap.
  10. Remove your friend’s socks using your teeth

Dirty Dare Questions for Guys

Make sure you and your crush/boyfriend are aged 18+ before trying these dirty dare questions for guys. Don’t worry 100% of guys like to play dirty dares with girls 😉

  1. Remove any one of your friend’s dresses using your teeth.
  2. Masturbate two times continuously.
  3. Sell period pads for girls on road.
  4. Ask for nude sleep to an unknown person on road.
  5. Go and kiss all the big trees nearby you.
  6. Ask your same gender friend for a date.
  7. Send 5 p0rn videos to your crush.
  8. Ask your crush for a hand job.
  9. Make a call to a random number and ask them to send snaps of their private parts.
  10. Behave like a girl and be a slave for 30 minutes.
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Best Dare Questions for Guys Over Text

These dare questions for guys over text are mainly useful when you are asking good truth or dare questions over text messaging. Send this dirty dare questions for guys over text via Facebook, WhatsApp or Text Messages and enjoy.

  1. Stop all vehicles at traffic signals and chat with me.
  2. I dare you to make a private video with me.
  3. Go to a toilet in public and continue texting.
  4. Place two ice cubes in your pants and go for a walk until it melts.
  5. Take a selfie while watching p0rn and send it to your crush.
  6. Ask your crush to send the best p0rn video link and send it to me again 😉
  7. Send your feeling’s about me to your teacher.
  8. Prepare food on your own and give it to your crush for 5 days.
  9. Send Good Morning message to me at 6 AM for 10 days.
  10. Treat your best friend of the same gender as your crush for one complete day.
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Conclusion for truth or dare questions for Guys

It is the end of our collection of truth or dare questions for guys. If you find any more truth questions for guys or dare questions for guys? Don’t forget to comment them below and we’ll them to our list.