Truth or game can be played by anyone and it will be more interesting if couples are playing it before getting married. They can know each other more by trying our truth or dare questions for couples and have memorable memories while trying the below-mentioned truth or dare questions for couples. We have collected around 150 best truth or dare questions for couples and you should check them out right now. Get ready to witness our amazing collection of truth or dare questions for couples and start enjoying the game.

truth or dare questions for couples
Collection of truth or dare questions for couples

Friendly Advice: Hello couples, I understood you guys are excited to start the game. But I highly recommend checking the rules of truth or dare game carefully before you start trying our truth or dare questions.

Ultimate Collection of Truth or Dare Questions for Couples Who are About to Get Married.

Every couple will have a different style of playing. Few like funny and few like romantic or dirty. To help every who visit our list of truth or dare ideas for couples, we decided to split our collection of questions to many categories. So, you can directly go to your favorite list just by tapping the links below. Here in this guide you can find funny, embarrassing romantic, good, flirty, over text and dirty truth or dare questions for couples.

Let’s start our list of truth or dare questions for couples:

Different Types of Truth Questions for Couples

Here is our list of best truth or dare questions for couples who are getting married sooner. With these questions, you can get closer to your partner and know each other even better. Without any adieu let’s start the list of truth questions for couples.

best truth questions for couples
types of truth questions for couples

Funny Truth Questions for Couples

Having a laugh is good for health and memorable too. But how? Don’t worry, try these funny truth questions for couples and see how your amazing couple will start laughing unknowingly. There is no secret behind happy couples, they make himself happy by some means.

  1. What would you do with the end pieces of a bread?
  2. If you are able to change one thing about your body, what would you change?
  3. Are you a daydreamer? If yes, what do you dream about?
  4. Have you ever got horror dreams? If yes, describe it.
  5. Can you touch your elbow with the nose?
  6. When you are in an argument with someone, do you apologize first to stop the argument?
  7. What is the funniest gift you have ever received? What is it?
  8. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with that money?
  9. What is the habit you find it most funny?
  10. What is the thing you are guilty about?
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Good Truth Questions for Couples

Okay seems you had a good laugh by now. You must try these good truth questions for couples immediately to get each other closer. These questions look very polite and caring. Definitely, the opposite participant will love to answer them.

  1. Tell me about your weakness. I’ll be careful about it next time.
  2. What am I to you?
  3. What is your nickname?
  4. Describe my dressing style in one word.
  5. When did you start smoking and can you quit it for me?
  6. What do you feel is the correct age to get married for boy and girl?
  7. Do you love me for my money?
  8. What is your hidden talent that I don’t know yet?
  9. Do you support me and my startup?
  10. If you are able to pull away one bad thing from me, what would it be and why?

Romantic Truth Questions for Couples

Want to change the gaming environment to bit romantic? Why not, check these romantic truth or dare questions for couples once and you would start feeling romantic with answers of your partner.

  1. Would you like to marry me?
  2. Describe the biggest fear in your relationship.
  3. Describe your funniest date with me.
  4. How many kids would you like to have after marriage?
  5. Do you like to have a boy or girl after marriage?
  6. What is the last romantic movie you watched with your partner?
  7. Where would you like to marry me?
  8. What was the spiciest food you would like to eat with me?
  9. You have given a chance to pick one country where you should live with me forever?
  10. Can you spend an entire month without me?
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Flirty Truth Questions for Couples

I don’t think you need this anymore. But wait, why don’t you try these flirty truth questions for couples to recall your memories.

  1. What kind of thoughts run through your mind while you’re talking with me?
  2. Do you believe in love?
  3. What are the 5 qualities your future husband should have?
  4. Do you ever have a crush on your teacher anytime?
  5. How do you react if your ex-boyfriend introduces his new girlfriend?
  6. Love at first sight. Do you actually believe in it?
  7. I think people will compliment your look wherever you go. Don’t they?
  8. Where did you buy those glasses? It looks amazing on you.
  9. Which perfume do you use? I think I should use the same?
  10. Can we go for a cup of coffee so we can spend some quality time?

Embarrassing Truth Questions for Couples

This list of embarrassing truth questions for couples can be used if you and your partner need to generate more fun along with a lot of embarrassment. These truth questions for couples will create a lot of new memorable moments.

  1. Tell me one quality about me you dislike the most.
  2. Tell me that one secret that would break our relationship.
  3. How many crushes do you have till now?
  4. Describe your weirdest habit.
  5. What is that one embarrassing thing in you I should know about?
  6. Describe your embarrassing date with your partner?
  7. Describe your most embarrassing kiss ever?
  8. Have you ever had a crush on a person at least 10 years older than you?
  9. Did anyone see you without clothes on recently? Name them.
  10. Did you ever read a naughty magazine in college?

Dirty Truth Questions for Couples

I know this is the set you are looking for. Most of the time couples either talk romantic or dirty. If not, surely they will be talking seriously about future plans. Anyhow here are the dirty truth or dare questions for couples to spice up the things.

  1. When was your first kiss and with whom?
  2. Did you ever kiss someone of the same gender?
  3. Have you ever watched an adult movie when you are not 18+ in age?
  4. When and where was your first kiss?
  5. Which one do you prefer? Smooth, Hard, Force or Threesome?
  6. Who is the worst kisser according to you?
  7. How does your partner make you feel romantic even though you are not in a good mood?
  8. When did you lost your virginity and is it my work?
  9. Do you like using a dildo?
  10. How many have you forced me to show my private parts till date?

Truth Questions for Couples Over Text

In a long distance relationship and playing truth or dare game over text? Don’t worry you can try these truth questions for couples which can be sent over text.

  1. Take a selfie with the broom and send it to your crush.
  2. Book a movie ticket and send me ticket confirmation message.
  3. Have you ever caught by your parents when you do the most embarrassing thing?
  4. Have you ever fell down from your bed when you are naked?
  5. Imagine you wake up tomorrow as a woman/man – what are the dirty things you do all day?
  6. Which type of $ex do you enjoy most rough or slow $ex?
  7. Have you ever wear wet underwears?
  8. Do you really bother about anal $ex?
  9. What body part would you change on yourself if you could?
  10. Do you hide anything about our relationship with your parents?

Our List of Dare Questions for Couples

Now let’s check the collection of dare questions for couples who are about to get married soon. This list of truth or dare questions for couples is very helpful if you are thinking to create a lot of new memories before your marriage.

best dare questions for couples
List of dare questions for couples

Funny Dare Questions for Couples

This set of funny dare questions for couples are mostly used when your pair needs some great laugh for minutes. You guys should try these questions to change the boring environment to funny AF.

  1. Call customer care and do a romantic talk with the caller.
  2. Keep three ice cubes in your hands until it melts
  3. Open the fridge and mix all the liquids you found, stir it and drink.
  4. Sing a song by closing your both nose and eyes.
  5. Wear my office shoes until you finish cooking.
  6. Put your foot on the head for 10 seconds.
  7. Wear your opposite gender’s clothes and sing their favorite song.
  8. Share a love letter in as your facebook status without mentioning any name.
  9. Do salsa dance to a Michael Jackson song with me.
  10. Cut ten onions and chilies into small pieces

Good Dare Questions for Couples

Want to know each other more deeply without any embarrassment or dirty dares? Then this list of 10 good dare questions for couples will come handy.

  1. Take the broomstick and dance to your favorite song.
  2. Paint your nails by using your toes.
  3. Make a phone call to your best friend and say you look like a devil.
  4. Apply makeup to your face like how I apply on our wedding.
  5. Go and wash clothes and dishes.
  6. Shave my beard for two times.
  7. Do shopping and buy my personal clothes.
  8. Make a phone call to your dad and say You are marrying me now.
  9. Imitate your favorite comedian.
  10. Act like a dead body in front of your parents.

Romantic Dare questions for Couples

Time to have some romantic time right. But how do you make it possible? Not a problem anymore. Dare your partner with these romantic dare questions for couples and the environment will automatically turn romantic.

  1. Sing a romantic song while taking your shower and send that to me.
  2. Sit on my laps and kiss me for 5 minutes.
  3. Do 50 situps but for every situps, you have to kiss me
  4. Lick my neck until it gets wet.
  5. Say any sexual story when we both take shower together.
  6. Call your first crush and ask him to book tickets for our honeymoon.
  7. Place your hands on my private parts for 2 minutes and describe it.
  8. Behave like a $ex slave for 30 minutes.
  9. Do a romantic dance with someone without clothes in the shower.
  10. Sit on my belly for 5 minutes.

Flirty Dare Questions for Couples

Flirting is one type of romance and imagine romanticistic it will be if you try flirty dare questions for couples on your partner. Enjoy the show.

  1. Do French kiss with me.
  2. Show your $exual fantasy on me right now.
  3. Place our first kiss photo as your lock screen wallpaper for 10 days.
  4. Do massage to my full body for 15 minutes.
  5. Without speaking anything express our first kiss.
  6. Take out the cherry from my mouth and eat it.
  7. Kiss me on a place which you don’t like to kiss.
  8. Unzip your pants in front of me.
  9. Pour chocolate on my face and lick it completely.
  10. Sleep with me continuously for 2 days.

Embarrassing Dare Questions for Couples

This list of embarrassing dare questions for couples comes handy when you want to make your partner feel embarrassed. Try below dare on your partner to witness most embarrassing moments.

  1. Sell your underwears to me.
  2. Tell me the most embarrassing $exual memory in your life.
  3. Remove my clothes using your teeth.
  4. Go and kiss my lips in the mirror.
  5. Don’t get any $exual feelings even though I try to seduce.
  6. Which part of your body you like the most and which you hate most.
  7. Take a $exy picture and send it to me when I’m busy with work.
  8. By using your toes write your name on my body.
  9. Don’t touch me while we are watching p0rn together.
  10. Have you ever thought of breakup with me?

Dirty Dare Questions for Couples

I know you are looking for this list of truth or dare questions for couples dirty. I don’t want to waste your time anymore. Try these questions and have a memorable day.

  1. Brush your partner’s teeth for three days.
  2. Wear my personal clothes and do a dance with him/her.
  3. Do shower with your partner for one week.
  4. Open a p0rn site and watch p0rn video along with your partner
  5. Ask your partner to do something with your private parts for 10 minutes.
  6. Sleep naked with your partner for 5 days.
  7. Kiss your partner’s body, where you never kissed before.
  8. Sit on your partner’s thighs without wearing any clothes for ten minutes.
  9. Remove your partner’s personal clothes using your teeth.
  10. Using an ice cube rub your partner’s body top to bottom until it melts out.

Dare Questions for Couples Over Text

If you are not with your partner right now and still excited to play truth or dare game, then you should make use of below truth or dare questions for couples online which you can send over text.

  1. Call any random number and ask them to recharge your mobile.
  2. Send a text message “I’m going to Marry soon without informing you” to your parents.
  3. Watch a p0rn video and ask your best friend to check your temperature.
  4. Send me a picture of what you’re doing now.
  5. Dip your soap bar in a sauce and lick it.
  6. Do any embarrassing thing in front of your parents, record it and send it to me.
  7. Express how you feel when you masturbated for the first time?
  8. Ask your parents to book tickets for our honeymoon.
  9. Say “I’m Sleepy” to your best friend when both of you are in serious conversation.
  10. Send your sexual feelings about me to your best friend.
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Conclusion for truth or dare questions for couples

We hope you enjoyed our best collection of truth or dare questions for couples who are about to get married. If you know any other truth questions for couples or dare questions for couples, please comment below and we’ll try to include them in our list of questions.