If you still don’t have a couple, then you don’t use Tinder. This application is a real revolution in the world of online dating, so don’t stand aside and get yourself familiarized with it. Perhaps someone convinced you that modern dating apps killed the romance. Well, these people should learn to be loyal to modern trends and not be biased towards them. Tinder is a breath of fresh air, which has turned the search for a couple on the Internet into a fascinating, effective, and interactive adventure. In this article, we’ll talk about how to spend time on Tinder with benefit. Just follow our advice, and, maybe today or tomorrow, you’ll get a date!

Your Main Photo

Don’t know what should be your main photo on Tinder? We have the answer – YOUR photo. It should be of high quality, realistic, and simple. For some reason, many Tinder users prefer to put some strange pics for their avatar, like blurry or photoshopped images. Many go even further and use group photos with friends or relatives. But the problem is that in the photo, they’re wearing sunglasses and have a cigarette in their mouth, which makes them barely noticeable among other people. What can be said about a person in such a photo? Absolutely nothing. Use a good snap where you’re alone and with a normal facial expression. It would seem like an obvious tip, but a huge number of users on Tinder ignore it and then wonder why no one wants to ask them out on a date.

Your Bio

Another common mistake is ignoring the section where you can write your short bio. Think about this: you sign in to the social network, where thousands of people from all over the world are looking for someone to go on a date with (or just have sex). The main selection criterion is a photo. Sounds a bit scary, huh? But you can reduce the anxiety of your potential match – just write a few lines about yourself. There’s nothing difficult about this, but the effect is totally worth it. If you think that your main skill is the ability to have fun, just write about it. If it’s very important for you that your new friend is able to keep up a conversation about literature and contemporary art, write about it directly. Tell about your personality. Make the person on the other side stop thinking of you as a potential maniac. It’s very simple – you just need to write a couple of lines.

You Need More Than Two Photos

More pictures mean more matches. It’s not a live video chat with girls, where you don’t need any photos. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you go on a date. If there are not enough good pics you can show the public in your archive, have a small photo shoot. You surely have a friend that knows how to photograph and is able to take a couple of pictures where you’ll look awesome. Spend a couple of hours, take a few pictures, and your chances of going on a date will noticeably increase.

Chat like a Normal Person

Many users are tempted to text to the person they just began a dialogue with something original and witty. After all, we want to make a strong impression and show ourselves as outstanding personalities. There’s nothing bad about it, but the problem is that these attempts usually turn into a complete disaster. Fancy language that’s supposed to make you look smart always sounds ridiculous. Start a conversation with what you’d like to say in real life. In this situation, being natural will tip the scales in your favor.

Don’t Take Any Offense. Just Have Fun!

If someone doesn’t respond to your messages, don’t be discouraged. Tinder is designed in such a way that you look at as many options for your second half as possible. Tinder is entertainment that often ends with dates and sex. Don’t be too serious – just have fun!